Jekyll plugin for Prism

04 Oct 2014

As a software developer I require excellent support for syntax highlighting in a blogging platform. This blog uses Jekyll as a platform and it has two options for syntax highlighting, Pygments and Rouge. Pygments is written in Python and supports over 100 languages but it didn’t have a few of the features I was looking for in syntax highlighting. The Ruby based Rouge seems to have many features but was very limited by Jekyll’s implementation. Given that the defaults of Jekyll didn’t work for me I decided to go with what I was familiar with: a Javascript based syntax highlighter. Specifically, I decided to use Prism, which has hooks for plugins, uses standard markup and support for all the languages I would need. Since I try my best to not mix HTML into the Markdown these posts are written in, I decided to write a small plugin to add support for Prism to Jekyll.

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New Beginnings

27 Sep 2014

It’s been nearly five years since the last redesign of this site and I decided to try something new. Previous versions of my website were custom built in PHP and backed by a database. While this gave me unlimited possibilities it also meant that any small modification required a lot of time and effort. I have decided to ditch a dynamic website in favour of a static site built using Jekyll that, hopefully, will mean posting new articles will take less effort and happen more often.

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