About Tim Oram

I was born in the mid-80s and raised in the small town of Glovertown in the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. I am and have been for a long time, very passionate about software development. I have dreams about debugging code while I sleep and once I managed to write a block of code in the middle of an English exam absentmindedly. I truly live software development. I wrote my first, albeit small, program when I was 5 years old in Basic on a VTech Pre-Computer. It was simple and only added two numbers together and I haven’t stopped since then. I started programming on a more professional level at the turn of the millennium.

I really enjoy learning new things and have been told by others, on a few occasions, that I pick up new technologies extremely fast. I take great pride in every line of code I write and am always looking for ways to improve. I like to write solid, maintainable code that has automated tests and is good documentation. I strongly believe that code is, at least in part, art and have been known to describe a well-written code base as beautiful.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland. During my undergrad, I spent my time two years as the president of the MUN Computer Science Society. I was also the lead programmer for the Eastern Edge Robotics team and responsible for the development of the control software for an underwater remotely operated vehicle.

These days, in the little spare time I have, I run the Computer Technology Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, a community for those interested in computer-related technologies. I am constantly working on several personal projects which can be found on my GitHub Profile.